1 - 2 Jun 2024
Lizenz: L#244052 Status: Show Finished

Jubilee Ausstellung Ausstellung teilnehmen

Veranstalter: FenCat
Standort: Finland, Nousiainen
E-Mail-Adresse: fennicacattus@gmail.com
Telefon: +358400394239
Zertifikat: Double Judgement (1 Jun 2024)
One Judgement (2 Jun 2024)

Über die Ausstellung

EUROPE CONTINENT Jubelee CatSHOW 01.06-02.06.2024
License L# 244052 FenCat (FI-0378)

Kaai Du Plessis, Netherlands (AB, WCF)
Wojciech-Albert Kurkowski, Poland (AB, WCF)
Aija Nuke, Latvia (AB, WCF)
Authorized supervisor of the exhibition office: Doris Reiter

Member of FenCat/ Other
To 30.01.24 with double judgement 55€/60€
To 30.01.24 without duble judgement 50€/55€
31.01-15.02.24 with double judgement 60€/65 €
31.01-15.02.24 without duble judgement 55€/60 €
16.02-01.04.24 with double judgement 70€/75€
16.02-01.04.24 without duble judgement 65€/70 €
02.04-21.05.24 with double judgement 90€/90 €
02.04-21.05.24 without duble judgement 80€/80 €

One day
To 15.02.24 40€/45€
16.02-01.04.24 50€/55€
02.04-21.05.24 60€/70€

WCF-Rings Adult, Kitten, Junior, Neuter- 15€/25€
Jubilee Ring- 20€/35€

Breed Shows: BRI/BLH, SFS/SFL, MCO, NFO 12€
WCF Fun Shows: LH, SLH, SH, HL, Forest Cats, rare breeds 12 €

• The cost of participation in the Show is calculated at the price that is valid
on the day of payment.
• The exhibition fee must be paid within 3 days after registration.
• If the entry is cancelled within 14 days after registration, 75% of the paid
amount will be returned. If the entry is cancelled after 14 days from the
registration date, the fee will not be refunded.
• The participation fee is not refunded if you do not participate in the
• The participation fee cannot be transferred to another exhibition. Fennica
Cattus RY reserves the right to not allow cats from the participants who
have registered but haven't cancelled nor paid, to attend future shows.
• Registration must be completed properly, €15 must be paid for changes
during the exhibition.
• All cats must be properly vaccinated.
• Cats' claws must be trimmed
• The cat must be healthy (no runny nose, sneezing, etc.) or the club has the
right to demand the removal of the cat from the show.
• Rabies vaccination should be given 21 days before the show.